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Making everyday moments relaxed and easy

Save money on prescriptions, ER and more

Access to US licensed doctors in just a few clicks

Healthcare without leaving the comfort of your home

Membership description

Enjoy Peace of Mind during difficult situations and get the security you need to do incredible things during the day. Being a member allows you to take a more relaxed approach to your everyday life. You can be sure that your medical challenges will be promptly attended to by our programs virtual physician access and many maintenance medications and antibiotics are all free to you. No more long waits in emergency rooms, physician offices or pharmacies, you get all of this without having to leave the house. Use your app or give us a call and get all of the services you need at any time of the day.

Components and benefits

Remote Doctors

✓ Virtual Primary Care

✓ Virtual Urgent Care

✓ Virtual Mental Health

Prescription Benefits

✓ 70+ FREE Antibiotics at 68,000 Pharmacies

✓ 1,000+ FREE Maintenance Medications

Bonus Benefits

✓ Free Annual Blood Work

✓ Additional Lab-Tests for 80% Off

✓ Easy-to-use App to Claim Benefits

About the membership

Limited offer

For a limited time only! If you sign up now, you will receive a $10 monthly discount on your membership for your entire membership period until you decide to cancel.

How to use

Using YourDirect-Rx is a breeze! Check your email or open the app, click a few buttons or call a number, and connect with a licensed US doctor. If you need medication, it'll be delivered straight to your door. And there are many more benefits waiting for you. Simple and hassle-free health care, just a few clicks away!

How to start

Starting with YourDirect-Rx is simple! Click "Sign Up Now", fill in your details, and you're in! Check your email for a special message with all your amazing benefits. You'll even get a digital member card and a login for an app on your phone. Stay healthy and enjoy the perks!

Refund Policy

If for any reason you're not pleased with our membership, let us know within 14 days of your purchase, and we'll issue a full refund. No questions asked.


You can sign up for the membership on your own if you are between 18 and 64 years old. For the family membership, children up to the age of 26 can be included in the families membership.

Challenging a greedy industry

Check out a podcast episode where our COO Carmine Parrella talks about the PBM industry and how YourDirect-Rx is improving it with innovative healthcare solutions.

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YourDirect-Rx Family Membership

$59.95 / month

Sarah T., California

Joining was the best decision I ever made! No more ER waits and the app makes it all so easy. Thanks, YourDirect-Rx!

Lauren J., Florida

Getting free medications delivered is like a dream. The 90-day supply is great for my budget!

James O., Michigan

I have never had my prescription drugs delivered to my doorstep. At least not until I joined the YourDirect-Rx membership. The first time they were delivered I could only remember ALL those times and hassles I went through to pick up my maintenance drugs. It was NEVER easy and NEVER a quick process. I had to first call the pharmacy to make sure they had my drugs in stock. If not, I would wait 48-72 hours to get them. When they had them, I had to arrange for the pickup and drive 20-30 min to their location and usually  wait 15 min or so in line to pay for them. NEVER again. Now they are simply delivered to my doorstep in 90 day supplies. All I can say is THANK YOU YourDirect Rx. My life just got a whole lot easier.

Trent J., Tennessee

I wish this was around years ago. To think of all the money and trips to the pharmacy I've wasted. This sure makes it easier.

Jonathan H., New York

💪 Keeping my family healthy

Emily P., Texas

Honestly this has become our go-to for health as a duo!

Virtual visits 24/7, affordable meds (finally!), and super simple to use app. Thanks for keeping it stress free!

Eve S., Ohio

Only $59.95 for my family of 6 (4 kids) seems impossible and we have yet to pay for any of the services or medicine. We use YourDirect-Rx a lot and simply love how affordable it is. Thank you so much!

Ryan R., California 

2 very enthusiastic thumbs up

Penelope W., Wisconsin

I always find myself getting sick in the middle of the night on a weekend. Living in a rural area makes it hard to find a doctor at odd hours. I woke up sick a few weeks ago and talked to a doctor on my phone within minutes. He knew exactly what I needed and even offered to refill one of my other scripts once I realized it was running low. He made sure there were no interactions and even reached out the next day to see how I was feeling. What great service!

Kenneth D., Indiana

Saving money makes me happy love this company :)

Donna H., Texas

I broke my leg and couldn't do much anymore so I got depressed. I got the email for free mental health counseling and thought it couldn't hurt. It completely changed my outlook and I love that I didn't have to pay for each session. 

Emily R., New Jersey

Where has this been all my life??!!! My family was paying $680 A MONTH for our prescriptions and now we pay $60!! $60 PEOPLE!! We can get a new car with these savings : )

Melvin W., Idaho

My wife took ill with 102 fever and could barely get out of bed. Within 10 minutes, the doctor was on the phone with her examination. I ran to CVS and picked up her prescriptions. It was a nice change to see they were free compared to using my company's insurance card. Such a simple process took the worry and stress away. 

Mark G., Texas

Virtual is everywhere we look these days but quality is hard to find. I tried this a few months ago since you can cancel anytime and holy cow, I've saved so much money! This plan outshines my company's plan so I dropped them in open enrollment and saved another $100/month. This eliminated all my co-pays and annoying, time-consuming trips to the drug store. I don't even have to worry about refills because they take care of everything. This is so wonderful, thank you!

Jessica W., Ohio

I had a tooth extraction that had an abscess with emergency dental surgery. The dentist prescribed me Amoxicillin post-surgery and Ibuprofen. I started the antibiotic immediately but started feeling unwell after a couple of days.

I called the dental office to let them know how I was feeling and they advised me to follow up with urgent care or the ER. The infection must have spread to my system and if I hadn’t called the remote doctor service through YourDirect-Rx I would have ended up in the hospital or worse. Thank you to YourDirect-Rx and the wonderful doctor who saved me!

Nicholas W., Arizona

Up to 80% off on medications – that's a huge relief for me.

Brian K., Washington

Quality telemedicine and discounts on prescriptions

Erik J., Colorado

My wife and I have full health coverage through my wife's employer. We do not have any deductibles to meet under our prescription drug plan, but we were spending $138 per month just on co-pays for our maintenance medications.

After joining Your Direct-Rx for $59.95 per month for self and spouse, our co-pays went to zero and our net savings is over $70.00 per month for the same prescription drugs.  With Your Direct, we've realized true savings and it's incredibly convenient.  Our 90-day supply maintenance medications are now shipped to our door at no cost, with no more trips to the pharmacy!

Parker M., California

Up to 80% off on medications? Yes, please! This is my go-to for affordable healthcare and I recommend the experience to everyone

David F., California

YDRX takes care of my entire family. Virtual primary care and free meds delivery – what more could we ask for!

Aaron B., Georgia

This is the best concept since sliced bread! I've been praying for a way to lower the cost of my healthcare since I got laid off. I was paying almost $500 a month for my prescriptions and $100-$150 for each doctors visit just to renew those prescriptions. Now I pay less than $50 a month for everything. 

Bill O., Alabama 

It's hard to find a quality discount plan these days and I was shopping them for a while. This one gives me everything I need for my family, it's the most convenient and cheapest. 

Pamela A., Florida

Great service. Friendly and knowledgeable doctors. Highly recommend!

Neil K., New York

I really love virtual primary care. My regular doctor makes me wait up to an hour in the waiting room just to fill my prescriptions. These doctors come on at our scheduled time and I can be anywhere for the call.

Emily S., New York

The virtual primary care visits are super convenient. Same doctor every time – feels like private care

Helena G., Illinois

The mental health sessions have helped me through a though phase in my life. I have 12x sessions with a wonderful specialist per year. Easy access and great support, please try it yourself.

Samantha B., Texas

YourDirect-Rx delivers on its promises. Affordable, convenient, and the app is super easy to use!

Megan P., Florida

A blessing for my family!!!! The app's simplicity and benefits are unmatched! Thank you <3

David F., California

Shoutout to YourDirect-Rx for keeping the whole fam covered! 🌟 Virtual visits and meds delivered – the dream team!

Kay A., Florida

I LOVE this program!! I just signed up a few months ago and then my son was sick 3 times back to back. We were able to quickly talk to doctors and get meds around the corner. Everything was FREE!! 

Mya D., Iowa

The phone call with the doctor was short and simple. We went over the reason for the call and she confirmed the pharmacy and filled my prescription. The phone call only took about 2 minutes. No co pay, no fees, and the prescription I personally needed is completely free. Talk about easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!!

Matt C., Minnesota

I can't express how much YourDirect-Rx means to my family. The free medication delivery has made managing prescriptions stress-free. You're a true health companion.

Ashley S., Illinois

yourdirect you've been a lifesaver to me the unlimited telemedicine made a real difference when I needed it the most. Grateful for the caring support.

Janice L., Michigan

Get this plan! It will change the way you think about prescriptions. It's gross how much profit big pharma has made off me over the years. You can thank me later.

Helen K., Montana

Help is a only phone call away. I love having peace of mind knowing I won't get surprise bills or copays using this instead of my company's insurance. Behavioral health has changed my kids in such a positive way and it's easy to schedule between extracurricular activities.

Michael C., Washington 

My deductible is high and never covers my medication. I prefer telehealth but my insurance copay is high too. This covers everything so I end up saving. 

Courtney C., Connecticut 

We love this telemedicine and prescription plan. It saved us! I'm a single mom of three and work two jobs. My kids are always sick and the bills keep mounting. I heard about this and saved a ton in the first few months. No more middle of the night ER visits. Phewww! Thank you so much for offering this!

James S., Kentucky

When did they add free blood testing? I just came from my annual scan and they told me I also need a blood panel. Something told me to look up the price of my new meds and just saw it. Hallelujah!